Does your writing generate the response you want?

Is putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – a painful experience?

Are writing projects taking precious time away from other priorities?

Words are your Secret Weapon…persuasive, compelling words! So let’s capture your reader’s attention. Ensure your message is clearly understood. Attract more attention. Get desired results. You’ve got to communicate, so trust Advantage One to put it in writing! Advantage One will allow you to communicate more effectively, generate confidence, and ensure your message won't be ignored. Get started by selecting the link that targets your current needs: Each specialty requires years of writing expertise, hands-on experience, analysis, and attention to detail. Get started today! Jacqueline Simmons, Writer/Consultant


If you are not achieving the positive results you want and are not winning the respect and attention your projects deserve, Advantage One is here to help you create quality, professional content.


If you don’t paying attention to the details of writing, it’s easy to lose your reader’s attention – and their business! If readers have to struggle to understand your point, they won’t waste their valuable time.


Embarrassing errors can cost you money. Business documents are designed to further the goals and promote the business they represent, so errors are more than just distracting.

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